Vasco Watch

Vasco Watch

On Indiegogo, funding closes in about two weeks for the French-made Vasco. It’s a simple and relatively good looking watch designed around the premise of anti-precision. They remind us that we don’t ever express time with such statements as “I’ll be home at twelve past eight” and they designed they believe is a better reflection of how people use time in their daily lives. The watch has a 40mm case and houses a Swiss quartz movement.

While I do buy the argument, I’m unconvinced that this design is the best expression of that reality. For one, telling the time isn’t that easy since the piece forgoes familiar methods in exchange for a very thin line at the top center that points to the current hour. And if we’re eschewing precision, then why does the watch have a second hand?

This campaign reminds me of Meistersinger, who is well known for their one-handed (hour only) watches that tell the time with ~15-minute precision. They produce a far more elegant solution that doesn’t abandon the form we are familiar with but uses that form to measure time in a way that more accurately reflects our lives.

We tend to only appreciate reinventing the wheel when the new wheel solves a problem we didn’t realize the old one had. Those reinventions are rare. Most of the time, as is the case with Vasco, it feels like design for design’s sake. So far, they raised over $10,000 toward their $70,000 goal.

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